Best Backpack to Buy!!


Backpacks are a necessary part of our  ‘Day to Day life !

They are used by everyone, from a school going kid to an office goer. Nowadays people not only look for practicality but also they do not ignore the style and design of it. Main features to look before purchasing laptops are:

Adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure the backpack sits comfortably, reducing the strain on your back.
Contoured and padded backs follow the natural shape of your lower back adding to the comfort of carrying the bag. The shape allows for a natural arch to ensure no back pain.
Padded hip belts remove weight from the back and shoulders and places a larger portion of the burden on the leg muscles – allowing you to carry heavier loads for longer.
Water resistant material – You may not need a 100% waterproof backpack – but a bag made from semi-waterproof materials is going to protect the contents in an emergency situation. Bags made from nylon and polyester are better options for outdoor adventures and backpacking trips.
Padding – A padded compartment for laptops and tablets are common in backpacks. Ensure they are securely fastened to avoid your electronic equipment from jostling around in your bag.
Multiple Compartments – allow for the contents of the bag to be organized in smaller sections for easier access.
Elasticized side pockets: These pockets lie flat when empty but stretch to hold a water bottle and other loose items.
Front pocket: Sometimes added to the exterior of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less bulky items. for more detail and best Backpack     Visit HERE !

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Men in White!

White shirt is something which you can wear formal or causal and it never out of trend. White is color which is good for any event you wish to attend.

You can wear white shirt with blue denim always I can swear by this combination.

But you can wear them with back denim or trousers also with grey or dark blue denim/ trousers.

I will look very classy with light brown/ colored trousers also dark or army green color trousers will go.

Go White!






The Print ‘O’

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Save Rivers

Rivers are largest source of Water!

We   are  making  them duping places.

Save Rivers, Save Ourselves🔊📢

Lets Start with Ourselves!


First came ice age, stone age & metal age.
Then humans turned the earth into garb”age” & done the massive dam”age”.




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