What is Niche!?

Finding a Targeted Niche - Magnifying Glass

Niche marketing refers to specialized products or services that answer to the need of a relatively limited target ( compared to mass marketing). Moreover, consumers of niche produits relate to each other (by their hobbies, financial means, location… Or else)
Mass marketing is more focused on the consumer need to fulfill than the consumer type to target. The target is often wider and less precise.

To make it very simple : a pen is a mass marketing product, while a pen especially designed for left-handed belongs to niche marketing.





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Words : The Power






0e8dc9d10934fdb487f27b80c88709fcThere was a blind man who once sat on the streets with a container asking for help. He had a sign that read, “I’M BLIND PLEASE HELP”. People did not pay much attention and he only received a few coins from the people passing by.

A lady came along and saw this while passing by. She paused, came back and scribbled something on the back of the sign. The man was confused and had no idea what was going on. She put the signboard back, assured him and left.

Immediately people began to stop at the place and started helping him generously. His container filled up almost completely. Then the lady came back. He recognized her by touching her shoes and asked, “What did you do to my sign?” She replied, “I wrote the same, but different words”. He thanked her and she went away.


That’s the power of words!





Deep into Power of WORDS !


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Feel the “Power of Words !!

Stop thinking about Problems!

Have a look at these pictures below

See above bottles from 1 meter and then move one more meter and see. After that see those from 10 meters, and then see those from 50 meters, See those from 100 meters.

Hope, you already got my point.

If you start looking those from a small distance, those will appear big but if you see those from longer distances you can’t even see the color of the bottles also.

Suppose your problems are like above bottles,

See your problem in future by thinking “ How it worries you after 1 day, after 2 days, after 1 week, after 1 month, after 1 year”

Think about your problem in this way. When you realize that a problem doesn’t make you worry anymore, you(your mind) will stop thinking about it.








Is It Necessary to Have Fear In Order to Have Hope !?

Fear does inspires hope.

But to say fear is necessary to bring about hope, I guess that shouldn’t be right.

Inspiration and aspiration, they give you more hope than fear does. So does love, hope becomes a contemporary to anything you feel, if the feeling is genuine enough.

Sentiments are probably the necessity for hope, whatever category they might be of.




                     H O P E

Failure: The Great Teacher

Failure is the greatest teacher in life.


No matter how much someone teaches you, no matter how many times u get success, it will always be failure guiding you to what is left for you to conquerSuccess is just the authentication of you being on the right track but failure is the one who keeps you on it.


Otherer factors of faith, willingness and persistence plays a major role in taking up failures positively but at the end If you aren’t failing you aren’t learning something new.


Win of Positive over Negative !! : Vijayadashmi


Ravana is depicted as the king of Rakshasas. He is said to have ten heads. But not many people know that he was not born with ten heads. Let’s unravel the mystery…

Ravana performed an intense penance – tapasya – to Brahma, lasting several years. During his penance, Ravana chopped off his head 10 times as a sacrifice to appease Brahma. Each time he sliced his head off, a new head arose, thus enabling him to continue his penance. At last, Brahma, pleased with his austerity, appeared after Ravana’s 10th decapitation and offered him a boon. Ravana asked for immortality, which Brahma refused of course, but gave him the celestial nectar of immortality, which we all know was stored under his navel.

Ravana’s 10 heads symbolise the six Shastras and four Vedas, making him a great scholar and the most intelligent person of his time.


  1. Sankhyashastra (Mathematics)
  2. Yog Shastra (Yoga as a way of life, meditation)
  3. Nyayashastra (Law and administration)
  4. Vaisheshik Shastra (Physics, astronomy, mechanics)
  5. Purvamimansa (Philosophy, Justification)
  6. Uttar Mimansa Shastra
  7. Rigveda
  8. Yajurveda
  9. Samveda
  10. Atharvaveda.

Ravana was a master in astrology, it is said that he broke one of Saturn’s arms, when Sani deva refused to be in a perfect position which would have made Meghnad immortal.

While Ravana was dying, Lakhsmana ran towards him so that he can learn the knowledge of diplomacy, since nobody in this planet had better knowledge and experience of administrative diplomacy over Ravana. His 10 heads represented a mammoth pool of knowledge and experience as a ruler, king and as a Brahman.

From another perspective, the 10 heads signify the 10 negative forms of love.

  1. Ahamkara – Ego
  2. Moha – Attachment
  3. Krodha – Anger
  4. Ghrina – Hatred
  5. Paschataap – regret
  6. Irshya – jealousy
  7. Lobha – Greed
  8. Kama – Lust
  9. Jaddata – Insensitivity
  10. Bhaya – Fear

जय श्रीराम!!

Saubhagya Yojna

The Rs 16,320-cr scheme aims at providing ‘last mile electricity connectivity to all rural and urban households’


LATESTNEWS : With energy focus reaping benefits for the ruling BJP in Uttar Pradesh elections earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today unveiled a new flagship programme of ‘Saubhagya – Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana’ to energise last mile power delivery.

The Rs 16,320-crore scheme aims at providing ‘last mile electricity connectivity to all rural and urban households’. The announcement, made at the headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, will reinforce the ruling party’s electricity-for-all target, which was recently advanced from 2019 to 2018.

The Union government would provide 60% funds for the programme amounting to Rs 12,320 crore. For special category states, the Centre’s contribution would be 85%. State governments and their utilities would provide 10% funds. In the case of special category states, it would be 5%. The remaining 30% expenditure would be met through loans.

The target is to complete electrification by March 2019, two months ahead of next general elections. States that reach the target by December 2018 would get additional funds. Of Rs 16,320-crore, rural areas would get Rs 12,320 crore while urban areas would get Rs 2,295 crore.


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Google’s new Doodle celebrating 100th birthday of Asima Chatterjee,The great chemist of India!

Asima Chatterjee was an Indian chemist noted for her work in the field of  Organic Chemistry & Phytomedicine! Her most notable includes research on Vinca alkoloides & development of anti epileptic & antimalarial drugs.

Salute to Asima Chatterjee & Wooman Empowerment on this Navratri Festival!

Knockout Punch


“Pakistan is now #Terroristan with a flourishing industry producing and exporting #global terrorism,” said Eenam Gambhir, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN

Exercising its right of reply in the general debate at the ongoing UN General Assembly Session here, India slammed Pakistan for its support to terrorism, labelling it as #Terroristan

“In its short history, Pakistan has become a geography synonymous with terror,” Eenam Gambhir, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, said on Thursday in response to Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi’s statement that “the struggle” of the people in Kashmir was being “brutally suppressed by India”.

“The quest for land of pure has actually produced a ‘land of pure terror’,” Gambhir said.

“Pakistan is now ‘Terroristan’ with a flourishing industry producing and exporting global terrorism.”

Gambhir said that the current state of Pakistan could be gauged from the fact that Hafiz Saeed, leader of the UN-designated terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, was now seeking to be legitimised as a leader of a political party.

She described Pakistan as a country whose counter-terrorism policy is to “mainstream and upstream terrorists by either providing safe havens to global terror leaders in its military town, or protecting them with political careers”.

It is an obvious reference to Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden being tracked down and eliminated by US forces in Pakistan’s Abbottabad city.

Stating that nothing can justify Pakistan’s avaricioius efforts to covet territories of its neighbours, Gambhir said: “In so far as India is concerned, Pakistan must understand that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is and will always remain an integral part of India. However much it scales up cross-border terrorism, it will never succeed in undermining India’s territorial integrity.”

Ridiculing Pakistan for its complaints about the consequences it faced for its counter-terrorism efforts, she said that “the polluter, in this case, is paying the price”.

“Terroristan is in fact a territory whose contribution to the globalisation of terror is unparalleled,” Gambhir added.

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