Best Backpack to Buy!!


Backpacks are a necessary part of our  ‘Day to Day life !

They are used by everyone, from a school going kid to an office goer. Nowadays people not only look for practicality but also they do not ignore the style and design of it. Main features to look before purchasing laptops are:

Adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure the backpack sits comfortably, reducing the strain on your back.
Contoured and padded backs follow the natural shape of your lower back adding to the comfort of carrying the bag. The shape allows for a natural arch to ensure no back pain.
Padded hip belts remove weight from the back and shoulders and places a larger portion of the burden on the leg muscles – allowing you to carry heavier loads for longer.
Water resistant material – You may not need a 100% waterproof backpack – but a bag made from semi-waterproof materials is going to protect the contents in an emergency situation. Bags made from nylon and polyester are better options for outdoor adventures and backpacking trips.
Padding – A padded compartment for laptops and tablets are common in backpacks. Ensure they are securely fastened to avoid your electronic equipment from jostling around in your bag.
Multiple Compartments – allow for the contents of the bag to be organized in smaller sections for easier access.
Elasticized side pockets: These pockets lie flat when empty but stretch to hold a water bottle and other loose items.
Front pocket: Sometimes added to the exterior of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less bulky items. for more detail and best Backpack     Visit HERE !

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What is Niche!?

Finding a Targeted Niche - Magnifying Glass

Niche marketing refers to specialized products or services that answer to the need of a relatively limited target ( compared to mass marketing). Moreover, consumers of niche produits relate to each other (by their hobbies, financial means, location… Or else)
Mass marketing is more focused on the consumer need to fulfill than the consumer type to target. The target is often wider and less precise.

To make it very simple : a pen is a mass marketing product, while a pen especially designed for left-handed belongs to niche marketing.





Find & Create your Niche Here !



Great Inspiration: Dr.APJ Kalam


I used to win all the competitions , held in my school .
One day , I was deppressed as I din’t perform well in the finals .
I asked my mom to leave me take rest for sometime .
After sometime , my dad came inside the room .
I explained him , what ever took place that day . He smiled at me , he went near the book shelf . I looked at him and after sometime , he broke the silence . He showed me a book and told read it . The next day , I just thanked him , smiling . It was an autobiography written by Dr . A.P.J. Abdul Kalam called ” Wings of fire .” Still now , I always have it with me .


(In this article ‘I  represent Every&Any Person!)

I personally recommend this Autobiography of Dr.APJ Kalam !


*A Must Read # What Should we Learn from APJ Kalam!







Words : The Power






0e8dc9d10934fdb487f27b80c88709fcThere was a blind man who once sat on the streets with a container asking for help. He had a sign that read, “I’M BLIND PLEASE HELP”. People did not pay much attention and he only received a few coins from the people passing by.

A lady came along and saw this while passing by. She paused, came back and scribbled something on the back of the sign. The man was confused and had no idea what was going on. She put the signboard back, assured him and left.

Immediately people began to stop at the place and started helping him generously. His container filled up almost completely. Then the lady came back. He recognized her by touching her shoes and asked, “What did you do to my sign?” She replied, “I wrote the same, but different words”. He thanked her and she went away.


That’s the power of words!





Deep into Power of WORDS !


🌻Go for Fashion- Hacks


Feel the “Power of Words !!

Had You Gone through ‘Cobra Effect!?

The Cobra effect-

When a solution to a problem makes the problem even worse, it is known as cobra effect.

This term is commonly used in politics and economics and was originated in British India

Story behind it –

The British government was very concerned about the growing numbers of cobras in Delhi.

They decided to pay money for every cobra that any person brings to them.

Initially the program was very successful.

But sooner, some people started breeding cobras for additional income

Soon, the government became aware about the tricks people were playing.

The program was ended and cobra breeders were left with surplus cobras, which were of no use now.

As a result, the solution of the problem made problem even worse!







I think you are Reading Lover...

Stop thinking about Problems!

Have a look at these pictures below

See above bottles from 1 meter and then move one more meter and see. After that see those from 10 meters, and then see those from 50 meters, See those from 100 meters.

Hope, you already got my point.

If you start looking those from a small distance, those will appear big but if you see those from longer distances you can’t even see the color of the bottles also.

Suppose your problems are like above bottles,

See your problem in future by thinking “ How it worries you after 1 day, after 2 days, after 1 week, after 1 month, after 1 year”

Think about your problem in this way. When you realize that a problem doesn’t make you worry anymore, you(your mind) will stop thinking about it.








Karma is Beautiful !

Karma is a wonderful system of justice.

The Supreme System

One can cheat one’s friends, one’s relatives, one’s community, one’s nation and one can cheat one self but one cannot cheat God.

The Bible says, “be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Epistle to the Galatians 6.7).

Law of Karma

The law of karma ensures that one will have to pay for the wrongdoing to one self and/or others. This system also ensures that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Karma is summarised in the Bhagavd Gita (4.17), as “karma (action), vikarma (forbidden action) and akarma (inaction)” and also as the “art of all work – karmasu kausalam” (BG 2.50) is to work for the Supreme Lord.

The Law of Karma states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (Newton’s third law of motion)

How Karma Works?

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means ‘action’ or, more specifically, any material action that brings a reaction binding one to the material world. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, either in this life or in the future live(s).

Basically, good actions (piety) bring good results and bad actions (impiety) bring bad results. To enjoy the results of pious actions one may be promoted to heavenly planets and to suffer from impious actions one may be put into hellish planets.

Different Stages of Karmic Reactions

The Padma Purana that “there are different stages of dormant reactions to sinful activities to be observed in a sinful life. Sinful reactions may be just waiting to take effect [phalonmukha], reactions may be still further dormant [kuta], or the reactions may be in a seedlike state [bija]…”

How to Stop Karmic Reactions?

The Padma Purana state that “all types of sinful reactions are vanquished one after another if a person engages in the devotional service of Lord Visnu.” Lord Krishna, while concluding the Bhagavad Gita, states :

Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear. (BG 18.66)






Is It Necessary to Have Fear In Order to Have Hope !?

Fear does inspires hope.

But to say fear is necessary to bring about hope, I guess that shouldn’t be right.

Inspiration and aspiration, they give you more hope than fear does. So does love, hope becomes a contemporary to anything you feel, if the feeling is genuine enough.

Sentiments are probably the necessity for hope, whatever category they might be of.




                     H O P E

Think like this.. ..


   If She is wooman..







    She is Woman too..




      If he is Muslim..

 Then he is Muslim too..

If this is your home..

  • then this is also your home…
  • They are your pets
  • They can be your pet too.
  • If a man can cheat in a relationship
  • then a woman can also cheat in relationship
  • he is an actor
  • he is also an actor
  • This is feminism.
  • This is not feminism.

    **Edit : – As Suggested by one reader: .

  • If this is considered as a job
  • then all these should also be considered a job 🙂


Stop Streotyping! Think Wisely!!


What If :The Double Standard

If Rohingyas were Hindus, the BJP would raise a lot of noise. There will be yatras and fiery speeches. There will issue raised in the Parliament.

And the rest will be silent as a stone. They will either pretend nothing happened, or accuse Rohingyas of “casteism” or just normalize the issue.

Hindus were cleansed in Uganda. Madhesi Hindus have their issues in Nepal and Bhutan too sent its Hindus out. What about Hindu of Kashmir?



5c8ff5d4a8baa8230698078a658b45f5 our own Kashmir valley did an ethnic cleansing in this generation. How much we talk about these everyday?

Conservatives talk about no one but the Hindus.

Liberals talk anyone but the Hindus.

We are all hypocrites. As a famous Tamil comedy goes:

“Is it blood only if it it happens to you,but just ketchup if it is happens to me” ?