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बेतुके सवाल

            जवाब दो



À30 का पेट्रोल सरकार 70 में क्यों बेचती है,ऐसा पूछने वाले
16rs में गेहूं 2 rs में क्यों बेचती है
40कि शक्कर 26 में
25का चावल1में
ये पूछे!

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PLUR: Software for Brain




                 P  L  U R

Peace      Unity    Love    Respect

How do I format my brain and install useful software only like we do in PCs?



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Leather that Weathered

                Born Tough20170903_191649

             Hard Working Shoes


Ideal for any formal occasion, these classic Oxfords have been made from smooth black leather and are detailed with neat broguing along the cap-toe seams. Pair them with your sharpest suit.

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Make a  Foot Impression!

Walk in Style with Confidence




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Tough & Stylish

Dear Fashion Lovers!

Up your game notch with collection of our shoes!

From Borgues to SNeaker​s& Leather & canvas.

You will get more products &styles    in shoes Here !!

Callum is a handsome fashion sneaker that is bound to take your style up a notch.
Available in Black and Navy.

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To be Conquer

Take a big step!

“Sometimes, the best thing you can do is just stop. breathe and focus on the positive. and if that doesn’t work, try a new pair of Shoes”.
Welcome to the Froskie- The Soul of Fashion
Latest Shoes are available.
Froskie Shoes available this E-commerce sites. .
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We are Fashion lover. We like to spread Fashion trends. Go for Best. 🌐Select wisely👜👠🎩👝 
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