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Business for the future..!!

**Looking for #Master_Franchise in all A & B class cities of India**

Responsibility :
Screenshot_20190328-145611execute& Monitor the business of the Corporate Business Franchisees (15-20) through our B2B e-commerce Market Platform
2) Evaluate their business activities & guide them.
3) Motivate all team members

Company Support:
1) Training ,business process etc.
2) Business Promotional activities & Lead generation.
3) Technical, Marketing & Sales support.
4) Customer Care

Investment : Franchisee Fees Rs. 5.0 Lakh +GST

ROI : 4-5 Months

Monthly Income : 2.5 Lakh +

****If interested and want to know more details please whatsapp 9881144771
Those who are ready to invest Master Franchisee Fees only respond to this post and send their details
Thanks & Regards

Sanjaykumar Bhutada



Be a part of Livesauda

BUYERS: Increase Profits Automatically – Reduce Your Purchase price.

Our Advanced Intelligent Software will Automatically Negotiate the best prices for You Online from all your Vendors. Will get the Market’s Best Prices from all vendors.

Get more vendors to quote for you, reduce your purchase price and Increase your Profits Every day.

SELLERS: Get Unlimited – High Quality And Genuine Leads
Avoid Wasting Time on Fake And Junk Inquiries.

Our Advanced Intelligent software will Show you your quotation position, if you are close lowest or expensive. You will get an indication from the software based on which you can lower your selling price to Bag the Order. Dont leave the order if you want it. All this done in Real time.

LATEST NEWS:* No Brokerage Charges for Deal of Any Value. * Currently Desktop & Laptop version* Mobile App Coming in May 2019.


  • 1st time in India Live & Private A/V & Chat Deal Room Feature.
  • Live & Interactive Market Place.
  • Business deals in minimum time with optimum RETURNS.
  • Connecting Buyers & Sellers for Multiple Categories across India
  • Secrecy of Transaction data
  • Easy Tendering Process
  • Live Bidding Process, with real time Bid Evaluation
  • Facilitating Reputation Management via Friendly Feedback & Dispute Wall
  • Nominal Monthly Membership and No Brokerage charges
  • Deal Online, Deliver Offline


  • Connect with Manufacturer / Importer / Trader / Consumer via Live A/V & Chat at no extra cost
  • Be able to Work from home or while travelling
  • Expand your customer base at no Marketing cost
  • No Publishing of Deal data of transaction done by Members
  • Find prospective buyers or sellers with a click of a button
  • Due diligence of Buyer / Seller at your finger tips
  • Select with whom to do business
  • Minimize external dependency
  • Stay informed about your competitors and competitive products
  • No Extra charge for Multiple Subsidiary Companies & Sub-Users

Benefits of Franchise Business !


Running a business as an independent and as a #franchise are quite different.

Brand Value :

The #franchise can leverage on the already existing brand of tte parent company that is not possible for an independent as he has to develop the brand himself which is a very time costuming and complex process.

Know How    :

The parents business has become successful because he knows the know how of the business . This know how is passed to the #franchise in the new geography who just implements The alresdy developled and tested systems and processes . The independent most of the time has to start from scratch.

Training        :

The #franchisor most of the time does an intense training and orientation for the #franchise staff.before the starting of the operations. This gives the #franchise that cutting edge over the others. The independen doesn’t have the access to that privelege.

Constant support : the franchisor through a continuous support ensures the success of his franchuse. As his success in that geography is also linked to his franchise success thus the franchise has an access to a trained manpower interester in building his business.

Kindest Regards:


Whatsapp /Call



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“if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”!

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Genuine #Business_Opportunity !

No MLM or instant money scheme!!

What Do Business Owners Always Need And Want More And More of, Which You Can Offer (And Make Huge Amount Of Money While Doing It)?” Answer: Give Them New Business Leads –100% Required by every Business Owner.

Dear Business Friend,

I have a Good Business Proposal for you that you can start within 3 days, you can reap the ROI (return on investment) within 2-3 months and then earn from it for a Lifetime.
Are you interested?

Then Read on.

A good money making Business opportunity takes 3 things to work well.

1. Good Product / Service at Good Price,required by Most Industrial Business owners. All business owners require New Business Leads. Well, that’s what we will give them. (Our Membership does exactly do this – Gives new business to business owners).

2. Competitive Advantage & Universally Acceptable– Premium Features with Good pricing. It should have Good Features which will work for years to come and will never go out of fashion and it should have a Good Future as a business. Your investment should be safe and secure.It must have a Competitive advantage over all other competitors in the market.

3. Good Profits– Consistent profits in the front end and back end. You should be able to get paid again and again for the work done once. Yes, efforts you put in once should fetch you money again and again – every year. This makes the business opportunity an attractive proposition.

One additional thing which makes this business opportunity even more attractive is,

4. Low Investment and Return on Investment (ROI) within 2-4 months. Yes, our subscription based business makes it easy to earn great revenue within a very short time.

Allow me introduce our #LIVESAUDACOM Corporate franchisee offer for your location.

The offer we now have has all 4 factors mentioned above, which makes it a Great Opportunity. If you are really looking out for an additional revenue source, a Business that can make you good profits, give steady income and is future proof, then, becoming a Franchisee of LIVESAUDA.COM is the opportunity you should grab before somebody else takes it away from below your nose.

“Livesauda” is the Intelligent B2B E-Commerce Marketplace, where Buyers and Sellers connect with each other and do business. This is the place where they get contacts, Information and a platform where they can easily buy raw materials at the best Possible Auction rates and Sell huge quantities to thousands of wholesalers and traders.”

If you are interested in owning a business where all your contacts and business owner friends will thank you for helping them grow their business,

Contact us at: or Call/WhatsApp 9881144771 ( Sanjaykumar Bhutada) And get all details.
We will be happy to help you understand the whole proposal within half hour!

The Business platform is ready. A Franchisee can get trained in 1 day (yes, 6-8 hours of Business training for you and your sales executives, if any.)

What you get :

· Our Outstanding Business sales platform of #livesauda.

· An amazing support system

· And an equally advanced Software CRM system to follow-up and sell the Service to Your clients.




Call now or write to us. Explore the opportunity now and find out if we can work and make money together.

See you soon.

#Invest as #Master_Franchise


All over #Maharashtra !! 




Opening a New Business opportunity !



We Needs

#Master_Franchise   : 8


#Franchise.                 : 66


       All  Over             Maharashtra ⏩




LiveSauda is an innovative & interactive Indian online marketplace, catering to the wholesalers’ community in India. This e-commerce platform offers a perfect dais for the small and medium enterprises, large companies and individual entrepreneurs to interact with the buyers and suppliers across India.

It caters to diverse industry segments including Chemicals, Textile Yarns, Plastics, Iron, Metals, Coal, Greige Fabric and more.

LiveSauda connects wholesalers: buyers and suppliers with each other enabling them to do their business online in an effortless and efficient manner and helps them grow their business pan-India.

It provides features like Digital Tenders and Online Bids which are easy to use. It is especially designed to help buyers identify their suppliers for best quality product at a best price and help suppliers find buyers outside their geographical territory. It allows users to connect with other online members on a Live and Private Video Call or Chat and carry out deals smoothly.

The platform is perfect for manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, traders, distributors and consumers to exhibit their brand online and capitalize on digitization through e-commerce.

People who can willing to invest good amount in concept based Business & have passion to get succeed are invited to join.




Looking For New Business🤔




.         How Do you find a good Business opportunity !?


The “Eagle Eye” for an opportunity is talked about and seems to be an inherent trait of successful entrepreneurs. However, I do believe this ability can be duplicated and that you can learn it. Opportunity is frankly always around you, but your Reticular Activating System is constantly screening them out because they don’t match the pattern you’ve trained it to look for as “something of interest.” You can retrain your RAS to start seeing these…and then you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with things you *could* work on. Then the problem becomes “What *should* I work on? Which opportunities should I pursue?”

Whether you are looking at an opportunity for you to pursue alone or with/for others, there are only a couple factors to investigate:

Is there a demand for this solution? Are people complaining about the problem that a solution can fix? Did something happen that changes this marketplace (a celebrity dies and suddenly people who didn’t care that much a week ago suddenly want their memorabilia)?

Can you provide a solution at a lower cost than the effort it takes to make the sale? This is how you know if a profit is possible. You need to attract the prospect, qualify them, close them, and then fulfill the order which may mean delivery, implementation, and other costs.

That’s it. If you can see demand, then you can access it at some cost. Then you can provide a solution for it, which also has some cost. If you can sell buyers the solution at a price that exceeds your cost, you make a profit.

Now it is up to you to determine what level of game you want to play and how much money you want to make. I teach people to begin with Price, ie. the revenue target, how much money you want to earn over what period of time, because that tells you what activity level you need to have to get there. “As much as I can get” is a fool’s errand, no target at all, and so you’ll never get there.

Your own interests, your ability to grasp the potential of how much profit you can make, your comfort zone…these are the kinds of things that will determine which opportunities you identify are “worth” pursuing!


Listen to your inner VOICE !






10 Cool Things , That You Can Benefits with “Home Automation”

When you consider a home-automation system, your initial thoughts might be that it will provide simplicity and convenience in all aspects of your home life. However, the beauty of home automation is that it can be modular. Therefore, your primary consideration should be what part of your lifestyle you want to enhance and simplify through automation. You do not need full home automation to enjoy the benefits of such a system. Home automation systems are designed to integrate any or all of your home’s devices, lights, heating and cooling, and security systems. The following are 10 things you can do with a home automation system.

1.Enjoy a Movie Theater Experience in the Comfort of Your Home
Often the most common starting point for home automation is in your home theater. This is an area where convenience and simplicity in controlling the array of home theater components is really noticeable. When you consider the number of different audio and visual pieces that make up your entertainment center (TV, stereo, tuner, DVD changers, and Blu-ray players), you likely have an equal number of remotes to operate each of them. With a home-automation system developed by a company like “enlighten Smart Home”,you will need only one remote to control all of your components. For example, when you settle in to watch a movie, you can turn down the room lights, start the movie player, and adjust the volume from just one remote. If you need to leave the room during the movie, you can stop the movie and gradually turn up the lights without having to stumble through a dark room to find the wall switch.

2.Distribute Your Music Equally
Your household music collection might have as many different genres as there are people. A home automation system lets you accommodate your family’s eclectic music preferences by compiling your different music sources (CDs, MP3s, and streaming music services like Rhapsody) and allowing everyone to access their favorite music from select rooms throughout your house. For example, from a central control, you can select a style of music that lets you relax in a quiet room. Meanwhile, from the same central control, your teens can select the music they need to practice their dance program in another part of the house. Or you can set a playlist for a birthday party to play in the kitchen, living room and out on the patio so your guests enjoy the same entertainment everywhere.Both styles of music are distributed to the different locations without you needing a separate audio player for each person.

3.Control Lighting With the Touch of a Button
Historically, automated lighting systems were installed in only new homes during their construction. Now, lighting control systems can be installed in existing homes. Both exterior and interior lighting systems can be controlled from a standard switch, a touch screen, or a remote control. Some control solutions even allow you to manage lights from your iPhone. A home-automation system can also tell you which lights are on anywhere in the house, the garage, or throughout the landscape and let you turn them on and off manually or automatically according to a set schedule.

4.Set Custom House Lighting Scenes
One of the most convenient lighting scenes lets you turn off all the lights in the house with a single command. Or you can shut off all the lights in the basement as you walk out with just one touch. But there is a virtually unlimited variety of lighting scenes you can create to enhance your life. For instance, you can set the lights in your bedroom to turn on slowly at a certain time as part of a wake-up scene. Or you can set lights in a child’s bedroom to dim as they go to sleep. You can also set “welcome home” lighting scenes that trigger when the garage door opens so you never have to walk into a dark house again.

5.Conserve Energy
Probably the biggest causes of inefficient energy consumption is your home’s heating and cooling control systems and regularly leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms. This often occurs when you leave your house for an extended period of time and forget to adjust your thermostat or turn off the lights. You can rely on your home-automation system to reduce energy usage by configuring your system to adjust your thermostat and turn off some or all the lights when you leave. Motion sensors also help ensure that lights are only on when someone is in the room.

6.Enjoy More Peaceful Mornings
Your home-automation system can help ease you into the day by making your morning routine a little more temperate. Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm or radio that engenders all the tranquility of a jackhammer, your home-automation system can gradually bring up selected house lights or window shades and gradually increase the volume on the television or a music source. You can also program it to wake your kids up by playing their favorite music – or even something they hate!

7.Enhance Your Home Security
Your home-automation system can integrate with your security system and let you set or disarm the system from any interface. You can also configure your home-automation system to turn on certain lights when the garage door opens so you don’t have to walk into a dark house. You can set your lights to turn on and off in random rooms while you’re on vacation to give the illusion that the house is occupied even when it’s not. Many home automation systems include security cameras that are strategically placed around the premises. These cameras not only detect movement around your property, they can also show who appears at your door.

8.Enjoy a Little Extra Peace of Mind
You can add features to your home-automation system that check for open doors – including the garage – and send you an alert. You can install water sensors in your basement that will alert you in case of a flood, and you can have the system shut off the water main in case of an emergency. If you have a wandering teenager, sensors on the windows and doors will alert you if they are trying to sneak out, or in, at night.

9.Check Your Home Automation System from a Distance
Whether you are across the street or across the country, you can access your home-automation system through a Web browser. This option lets you confirm or modify any pre-selected settings. For example, you might have arranged for someone to go in and water your plants after you have already set the system for vacation mode. From a browser, you can allow temporary access to a specific person. You can check IP cameras as well.

10.Configure Your Home for Night Mode
With home automation, you no longer need to patrol the entire house each night looking for lights that have been left on. You can view and adjust all the lights in the house from a single interface. You can set the temperature to automatically adjust, and double check that the doors and windows are shut.

Product Compatibility
Home automation experts, such as “Enlighten Smart Home”Logopit_1545618830059 develop their systems to be compatible with components from a variety of manufacturers. This gives you more choices to ensure a better fit for your home. The beauty of home automation is in designing a system that best accommodates your needs and lifestyle.

Isn’t Smart home a Need!


.. Life is changing in every single way .

Isn’t #SmartHome a Need ?

Of Course ,Yes .

Earlier people before leaving for their work used to check 10 times whether is the Geyser OFF ; Did i turn off the bathroom lights ; whether i switched off the fan or not ??? These questions used to click their minds every single day . But not now , gone are days when these used to be the scenario , Smart Home Automation has changed the situation completely .

#HOMEAUTOMATION does this all for us . It provides us #Convenience to control our appliances from anywhere in the world , provides us with #Security , Energy Monitoring , #Voice Control …. It has made everyone’s life easier and hassle free .

You can open your lock with just one click from anywhere if any guests comes to your house ; you dont worry to rush to your home to attend them .

Home Automation provides you with complete Security .

Increases life your appliances and avoids them from malfunctioning . Monitors Energy and makes your Home Smarter .






Best Backpack to Buy!!


Backpacks are a necessary part of our  ‘Day to Day life !

They are used by everyone, from a school going kid to an office goer. Nowadays people not only look for practicality but also they do not ignore the style and design of it. Main features to look before purchasing laptops are:

Adjustable and padded shoulder straps ensure the backpack sits comfortably, reducing the strain on your back.
Contoured and padded backs follow the natural shape of your lower back adding to the comfort of carrying the bag. The shape allows for a natural arch to ensure no back pain.
Padded hip belts remove weight from the back and shoulders and places a larger portion of the burden on the leg muscles – allowing you to carry heavier loads for longer.
Water resistant material – You may not need a 100% waterproof backpack – but a bag made from semi-waterproof materials is going to protect the contents in an emergency situation. Bags made from nylon and polyester are better options for outdoor adventures and backpacking trips.
Padding – A padded compartment for laptops and tablets are common in backpacks. Ensure they are securely fastened to avoid your electronic equipment from jostling around in your bag.
Multiple Compartments – allow for the contents of the bag to be organized in smaller sections for easier access.
Elasticized side pockets: These pockets lie flat when empty but stretch to hold a water bottle and other loose items.
Front pocket: Sometimes added to the exterior of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less bulky items. for more detail and best Backpack     Visit HERE !

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