Benefits of Franchise Business !


Running a business as an independent and as a #franchise are quite different.

Brand Value :

The #franchise can leverage on the already existing brand of tte parent company that is not possible for an independent as he has to develop the brand himself which is a very time costuming and complex process.

Know How    :

The parents business has become successful because he knows the know how of the business . This know how is passed to the #franchise in the new geography who just implements The alresdy developled and tested systems and processes . The independent most of the time has to start from scratch.

Training        :

The #franchisor most of the time does an intense training and orientation for the #franchise staff.before the starting of the operations. This gives the #franchise that cutting edge over the others. The independen doesn’t have the access to that privelege.

Constant support : the franchisor through a continuous support ensures the success of his franchuse. As his success in that geography is also linked to his franchise success thus the franchise has an access to a trained manpower interester in building his business.

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