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Genuine #Business_Opportunity !

No MLM or instant money scheme!!

What Do Business Owners Always Need And Want More And More of, Which You Can Offer (And Make Huge Amount Of Money While Doing It)?” Answer: Give Them New Business Leads –100% Required by every Business Owner.

Dear Business Friend,

I have a Good Business Proposal for you that you can start within 3 days, you can reap the ROI (return on investment) within 2-3 months and then earn from it for a Lifetime.
Are you interested?

Then Read on.

A good money making Business opportunity takes 3 things to work well.

1. Good Product / Service at Good Price,required by Most Industrial Business owners. All business owners require New Business Leads. Well, that’s what we will give them. (Our Membership does exactly do this – Gives new business to business owners).

2. Competitive Advantage & Universally Acceptable– Premium Features with Good pricing. It should have Good Features which will work for years to come and will never go out of fashion and it should have a Good Future as a business. Your investment should be safe and secure.It must have a Competitive advantage over all other competitors in the market.

3. Good Profits– Consistent profits in the front end and back end. You should be able to get paid again and again for the work done once. Yes, efforts you put in once should fetch you money again and again – every year. This makes the business opportunity an attractive proposition.

One additional thing which makes this business opportunity even more attractive is,

4. Low Investment and Return on Investment (ROI) within 2-4 months. Yes, our subscription based business makes it easy to earn great revenue within a very short time.

Allow me introduce our #LIVESAUDACOM Corporate franchisee offer for your location.

The offer we now have has all 4 factors mentioned above, which makes it a Great Opportunity. If you are really looking out for an additional revenue source, a Business that can make you good profits, give steady income and is future proof, then, becoming a Franchisee of LIVESAUDA.COM is the opportunity you should grab before somebody else takes it away from below your nose.

“Livesauda” is the Intelligent B2B E-Commerce Marketplace, where Buyers and Sellers connect with each other and do business. This is the place where they get contacts, Information and a platform where they can easily buy raw materials at the best Possible Auction rates and Sell huge quantities to thousands of wholesalers and traders.”

If you are interested in owning a business where all your contacts and business owner friends will thank you for helping them grow their business,

Contact us at: snjr23shsa@gmail.com or Call/WhatsApp 9881144771 ( Sanjaykumar Bhutada) And get all details.
We will be happy to help you understand the whole proposal within half hour!

The Business platform is ready. A Franchisee can get trained in 1 day (yes, 6-8 hours of Business training for you and your sales executives, if any.)

What you get :

· Our Outstanding Business sales platform of #livesauda.

· An amazing support system

· And an equally advanced Software CRM system to follow-up and sell the Service to Your clients.




Call now or write to us. Explore the opportunity now and find out if we can work and make money together.

See you soon.

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All over #Maharashtra !! 




Mangrulpir, Maharashtra, India

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