As we know, the quickest fix to freshen up is a face wash. But this small little habit has its own unique factors to follow.

Washing your face is not just splashing water. It’s beyond a fancy face wash and lots of water.

A pretty simple yet mechanical process, you can still go wrong with it more often than not.

Here are some tips that can make face washing a lot better than you think:

Choose the right temperature
Well, that’s some basic sense you need to be aware of! Hot water is not recommended at all. It does nothing to treat your skin tissues but damage them instead. Similarly, cold water does’nt help either. You will probably end up with skin irritation.

Wondering what it’s all about? Gym without machines? Yes, pretty much that. It is basically a set of exercises that help you in body-weight training. These include movement and coordination of arms, legs, and other body parts.

The solution lies in between with lukewarm water being your best bet for a clean and effective wash.

What’s your skin type?
Yes, it’s a little tricky to answer that. If you simply pick the exact same face wash that your friend uses, stop now!

The ingredients vary, the effects vary and hence you cann’t use the same product. Ask a friend who has tried some products before you.

Also, manufacturers advise on the product packaging to try a small patch on your face to check its receptivity on your skin.

Don’t use a bar or soap
Quick fix shortcuts don’t succeed with skin care. Always opt for a natural face wash instead of your regular soap. It strips off the skin of its natural oils making it dry and flaky.

Don’t bathe with the face wash
You don’t overdo the face cream, just use it prudently. Less is more when it comes to skin care and while you beautify your face; keep it minimum for desired effects.

Wash your hands before your face
You defy the purpose of your wash if your hands aren’t clean. Wash them well before they act upon your face.

How many times should you wash your face?
Once daily? Twice enough? Opinions are bound to fluctuate on this one. Overdoing it may expose your skin to dirt and germs.

Once in the morning as you get up and just before sleeping are the best times to wash your face. By washing before you sleep, you are not letting any dirt settle in the pores.

So hope your do’s and don’ts are in place for the next face wash.



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