Fashion-echo : Hacks For Men

Well here a few dressing hacks for everyone :

  • Stick your fist and elbow into the waistband of pants to gauge if they’ll fit.
  • Tie your four-in-hand knotted ties the night before work.
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  • Keep trousers on a hanger with the Savile Row Fold.
  • Fold a suit jacket inside out for easy packing and minimal wrinkles.
  • De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor.
  • Store your clothes like files to maximize drawer space.
  • Keep your jeans’ zipper up with a keyring.
  • Put wadded up newspaper into shoes. They absorb odor and moisture.
  • Stretch shrunken shirts out with hot water and hair conditioner.
  • A Tie Is A Man’s Jewellery.
  • Attach something to the end of pyjama ties so that they do not disappear into the hem.

That is all for now, everyone. Hope these help 🙂 .

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