Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

माँ भारती के अनन्य सेवक “लौह पुरुष” सरदार बल्लभ भाई पटेल की जयंती पर भावपूर्ण स्मरण के साथ  श्रद्धाजंलि💐



Just to give a tiny glimpse of how gigantic the process of Unification might be let me present some facts.

It took 23 years for unification of Italy constituted of 9 provinces that are populated by people of same color, language and religion (to a major portion).

It took Germany 9 years to unite 39 provinces with major occurrence of instances of bloodshed ( close to 10,000 died in the process).

Whereas Vallabhbhai Patelexecuted the Herculean task of uniting more than 500 provinces, the habitats of whom belonged to different religions, contrasting cultures and customs, within 18 months, and that too without any major incidence of bloodshed (the police action in Hyderabad Operation Polo  might be a minor exception but that too was executed with such tactfulness that total death-count from the Indian Army stands at less than 10).

That’s the greatness of this man. But unfortunately history has not done justice to the memory of this great man renowned in the European nations as Bismarck of India.



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