Rally for Rivers:Give a missed call

By giving a missed call, your support for the river restoration initiative “Rally for Rivers” will be recorded. This show of support from the citizens will be presented to the government as a step towards the formation of a comprehensive River Revitalization policy in the Parliament.

Once you give a missed call, you may receive SMS/WhatsApp updates to your phone number in the future, regarding the progress of the policy.

In a democratic system, the government is sensitive to the views of the majority of the population. Unless there is substantial support and demand from the people, a positive river policy cannot be brought into action effectively.

Almost every adult in the country has a cellphone today. Giving a missed call is a simple way to quantify public support. In other words, your missed call will act as a vote in support of reviving our rivers.

The record of these missed calls will be presented before the government that these many people are in the support of this campaign.

As your asking about India, India is a beautiful country full of colour and life having many rivers and their tributaries . More over this campaign is going to be beneficial not only for our rivers but will also set an example in front of the world that India not only is in science and technology but also we take care of our culture, heritage and our resources .

This campaign will not only be beneficial for the rivers but also will help in spreading a voice in the society that protecting our trees and nature is not only our responsibility but is also our prime duty .


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