What If :The Double Standard

If Rohingyas were Hindus, the BJP would raise a lot of noise. There will be yatras and fiery speeches. There will issue raised in the Parliament.

And the rest will be silent as a stone. They will either pretend nothing happened, or accuse Rohingyas of “casteism” or just normalize the issue.

Hindus were cleansed in Uganda. Madhesi Hindus have their issues in Nepal and Bhutan too sent its Hindus out. What about Hindu of Kashmir?



5c8ff5d4a8baa8230698078a658b45f5 our own Kashmir valley did an ethnic cleansing in this generation. How much we talk about these everyday?

Conservatives talk about no one but the Hindus.

Liberals talk anyone but the Hindus.

We are all hypocrites. As a famous Tamil comedy goes:

“Is it blood only if it it happens to you,but just ketchup if it is happens to me” ?





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