खिचड़ी : The National Food

  • Khichdi is the only food that is cherished across India. Just add legumes and rice and Khichdi is ready !
  • It is an ancient food and was referred as Khicha in sanskrit ! A number of historic texts by visiting enjoys- Megasthenes , Ibn Batuta have mentioned it in their texts
  • Mughals termed it as Khichdi and Nawabs of Lucknow turned it into Khushka (above) to be eaten with relish
  • If in north ; it is generally eaten during sickness or upset tummy; then east enjoys it by offering it almighty during Jagannath yatra and Durga puja (above bengali Khichdi)
  • In southern India; Khichdi Pongal (above) is an integral part of Pongal celebration !
  • Moral : East or west; Khichdi is the best !
  • Pic credit : Google

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